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Beyond The Chrysalis

Minal Bhanshali

Hello and welcome to Beyond The Chrysalis. If you’re ready to own your life and unlock and embody your infinite self then you’re in the right place.Together we’ll be exploring the immense power that comes with self-discovery and personal transformation. The power to create, to become the designer of your legacy and live out your own unique personal legend.I’m your host Minal Bhanshali. I help spiritual seekers embody the Higher self through personal mastery and I’m a purpose mentor. I’m here to remind you that you can MASTER your journey as you move through the great mystery that is life. Get inspired to be your best self, step into your power, and embrace your wild, authentic, most infinite self. Many of us retreat into a cocoon by choice but often by force following a draining, shocking, or gut-wrenching experience, in an attempt to shelter ourselves from any further pain. This time in the chrysalis however can be one of intense reflection and growth, the beginning of a profound transformation, an opportunity for rebirth. Beyond the Chrysalis is an ode to this process.Join me on this journey. Allow me to be your guide, shedding light on those things that spark the soul along the way. Are you ready to emerge?
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